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. martha: scott brown and his supporters are ready to see him go to washington, right now. listen to this. >> [chanting] >> the people, as you know by the votes, have now filled the office themselves and i'm ready to go to washington, without delay. martha: all right, but that will not happen today. there are procedural hurdles that need to be cleared first. massachusetts state law allows ten days to certify the results. that's to make sure there aren't igregularity that is could alter the outcome, among them the certification of absentee ballots from servicemen overseas, as soon as that certification comes in, brown will be sworn in. bill: meantime, some interesting election poll numbers into fox done by telephone, 61 percent of brown voters say the decifit reduction is more important than health care reform, that poll conducted by ras mussence reports and it surveyed about 1000 massachusetts voters who took part in the special senate election. we'll examine those can karl rove in a matter of moments. martha: brown's victory brings the number of republicans in the senate to 41. that's an
american city. all that plus the fox all-stars, right here, right now. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. this is a fox news alert. the drama is building aheald of what was once considered a relatively undramatic special election to fill the open senate seat that late saturdsenator ted kennedy filled for decades. a rasmussen report released an hour ago shows scott brown closing the gap over democrat martha coakley. it was nine points a week ago. brown leans in the democratic leaning public policy poll taken last week, while coakley was up 15 in a recent boston globe survey. correspondent molly l moll moll reports. >> reporter: a once unthinkable political scenario is developing in massachusetts. once considered a virtual lock for the democrat, relatively unknown republican is mounting a serious challenge within striking distance of victory. >> wants to go back to the bush-cheney policy providing for the -- >> you can run against bush-cheney but i'm scott brown. i drive a truck. >> reporter: the candidates squared off in a contentious final debate last night. republican scott brown
. >> the father behind the balloon boy hoax comes crashing to earth. he heads to jail. "good morning washington" begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.o-- >>> good monday morning. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's start with brian van de graaff. it is a cold morning. >> we have temperatures -- hold on. can you hear me now? it is monday morning. do not yell at me. 18 in leesburg. we'll have problems on monday getting started. 14 in woodbridge. my wife would like if you could turn my mouth off. the winds are out there this morning. plenty of sunshine to start off. increasing clouds. we could see some flurries tonight. we will seek a warming trend by the end of the week. >> overnight construction is completely gone. no major problems to report on the highway right now. moving nicely around the interstate on 95, 66. we are giving you yellow arrows. we're good in southern maryland, no surprises on route 4, route 5. good on the beltway at the american legion bridge. >> thank you. >>> our top story, the cold sticks around for the start
to "morning joe," live from washington. quite a weekend. and quite -- quite a show today. we have on set with us pat buchanan and jonathan capehart, and new york, very interesting. i always have this guy on, because he has a negro dialect, and it serves him well. >> joe, joe! >> for the most part, he is a light- skinned engine ened germ find that light-skinned germans can hold down television shows better. viewers, we speak of tv's own willie geist. >> depending on my audience, i can go like full honky or dial it down a little bit. i can go either way, either way. >> seriously, willie. i don't know if harry reid was channeling the 1970s movie "mandingo." i don't know if he was a member of a southern country club in the1950s, but this guy lives on a planet far different -- seriously, negro dialect? >> to put it delicately, he comes from a different time. >> i think that's the issue. >> he's majority leader of the united states senate. >> i know, i know. guess what? our government is made up of people from all races and sexes. >> and people should evolve in their thinking and their termino
in this district we start the year listening and now more than ever i think it's important that washington d.c. listen to the american people and their priority and so please feel free just to make a comment. don't be self-conscious about the additional press that's here. we'll get you a microphone and we'll look forward to your remarks. and if there's a question in there, we'll take our best shot at it. let me open with a couple of remarks on an issue that's breaking as we speak across the country. and despite the fact that i just returned to an or from a trip to afghanistan and i'm happy to elaborate on what i saw and there's a reporá coming out today the about the incident that took mace on christmas day in detroit, i'd like to focus on healthcare reform and legislation that's moving behind closed doors on capitol hill as we speak today. first let me say emphatically and i know i speak on behalf, not only of my other republican colleagues in indiana but those throughout the congress. we need healthcare in this country that lowers the cost of health insurance and healthcare for the americ
to pull to put massive amounts of people on payrolls. >> you talk about the economy. how can washington improved consumer confidence. the more you talk about how well this is doing and the less likely people feel it in the real world, the more washington seems to be detached from reality. that is one of the dangers. >> the investment banks, which will -- which caused the wreck were the first to show record bonuses. people are furious about a lot of things. they see the economy growing 5.7%, and they say, but we have unemployment that is still at 10. i think it is really important for people to seize the president and congress work hard and to give confidence to the american people, we have got to be demonstrating we understand the difficulties, a fiscal policy that is not sustainable. i know the president is criticized a lot for saying i inherited a substantial mess, but that is true. it is going to take awhile to get out of it, and i think there has been some stability now, and if we can find ways to work together, we will get this economy moving again. >> in light of the comments you
on "andrea mitchell reports," game change, the hot new book making waves in washington even before it hits stores. today on "the daily rundown," white house chief of staff rahm emanual explaining why the president accepted harry reid's apology for racially insensitive remarks. >> he knows harry reid. he trusts harry reid and harry reid has absolutely the confidence of the president and the rest of the democratic caucus. >> critics still want reid to resign, republican critics, we should say, resign as majority leader. >>> comments on reopening the national conversation about race. >> i don't understand what's demeaning. i've talked to any number of black elected officials over the years, reporting on this book. and all of them have been called worse, including barack obama. >> an apology to america. he has insulted a great number of persons. >> other juicy book notes? candidate obama's frustration with joe biden. sarah palin's divine inspiration and a bo dice-ripping screaming match between john and elizabeth edwards. and, of course, hillary clinton's reality check to barack obama on her h
knows it. there's some weird tension in the hallways. "morning joe" live from washington starts right now. ♪ ♪ oh you're the best friend >> harry reid is a friend of mine. he has been a stalwart champion of voting rights, civil rights. this is a good man who has always been on the right side of history. for him to have used some inartful language in trying to praise me and for people to try to make hay out of that makes absolutely no sense. >> okay. >> that makes no sense at all. nothing to see here because people talk that way all the time. if republicans talk that way, i am just dead certain he'd say the same exact thing. >> the president is saying move on. it was about him. i think he can chime in. welcome, everyone, to "morning joe." >> i'll buy that. >> you will? >> no. no. you know what, though? he needs to pass health care. >> and move on? >> that's very important. so they'll pass health care, then perhaps harry will be asked to go back to searchlight, nevada, or wherever he's from. >> well, we'll see how his election goes. it is tus, january 12th. and on the set with us to
in trouble for the midterm elections? karl rove joins us here in washington. midterm elections just around the conferencer, i suppose that was a rude awakening for some in massachusetts? >> absolutely. midterm elects critical moments are happening now as the republicans scramble to get candidates for congress and senate. this has given them a big boost in the arm. as democrats attempt to keep their members running for reelection it has obviously hurt. defection of a senior democrat first elected '92 in the house from arkansas pulling the rip cord and bailing out marion barry? >> greta: why? >> there are 49 democrats in the house of representatives, who represent seats carried by bush and mccain, 48 were carried by bush and mccain all three times. his district was 59% for mccain up from 54. a district in the northeast corner of arkansas, main cities jonesboro, a little from little rock down to the southwestern part of the district the northwest historically republican ozark country but it is a republican district here had you one of the more partisan members of the house who had been a rela
will have to tackle as he not only faces mounting pressure in washington but a stuff re- election in his home state. karen brown, cbs news, new york. >> senator harry reid j says he isn't going anywhere. >>> baltimore removed a priest from church duties following allegations of sexual misconduct. 62-year-old father john is priest of the church in maryland. the archdiocese delayed announcing it until sunday in connection with the investigation. the abuse occurred in the mid- to late 1980's. he denies all those allegations. >>> flu season hasn't swung into high gear, but there are no shortages of the h1n1 vaccine. the challenge for health officials now is making sure people get both the h1n1 and seasonal vaccines. the pharmaceutical company stepped up production and some companies have surpluses. >> there are ample supplies of vaccine in most of the country. the h1n1 virus is still circulating and causing disease, hospital locations and -- hospitalizations and deaths. many people are still susceptible to this virus and would benefit from vaccination. >> flu is fickle. now we're braced to s
the wrestling ring, can she survive the white house? and the candidate hoping to take her moves to washington. >>> good evening. we begin tonight with that chilling video. the al qaeda suicide bomber responsible for the deadly attack against the cia in afghanistan, killing seven agents. he turned up today in a videotape made before his suicide mission. he had been recruited by the cia, but he was a double agent. on his tape, he reveals his motive and warns more attacks will come. nick schifrin starts us off from kabul. >> reporter: the cia thought the man on the right could lead them to al qaeda's deputy leader, instead he led them into a trap. he had already provided exclusive information on al qaeda hiding places, so the cia invited him onto the base. but when he arrived he looked suspicious, holding his hands in his pocket, according to a u.s. official. just before cia security officers searched him, he exploded his vest. the cia director today defended the officers who have died -- that damage has come largely thanks to a barrage of missile strikes by unmanned aerial drones. inhe days sin
. temperatures near 30 in washington and throughout much of the washington. out in the mountains 20 degrees. upper 20s on the eastern shore. so, a little below freezing most areas but warmer than it has been the last several morning. there were those snow showers and flurries tha came through overnight, not accumulating anywhere. heading off to sea. we still have a little upper level disturbance over the central appalachians that will drift over us later on this morning that may trigger a passing flurry. by noon mid-30s and upper 30s by mid-afternoon with increasing sunshine. sunrise 7:26. sunset at 5:07. partly cloudy to mostly clear tonight. bottom out tomorrow morning near 20 degrees. so, rather cold start tomorrow morning but we will see it to warm to near 40 tomorrow afternoon. partly cloudy. then lots of sunshine on thursday with afternoon highs into the mid-40s and morning lows mid-20s and higher on friday. friday we should make it to 50 degrees with morning lows near 30. the weekend is coming up. let's check traffic for this tuesday morning. how is it looking, arcually? >> starting
us now in washington, d.c., with all the details. good evening, hampton. >> good evening. congressional budget office predict as $1.35 trillion deficit this year about 9.2% of gdp, slight improvement from last august with a cbo forecast for $1.4 trillion in deficit. 9.9% of gdp. jobs bill and more war spending could increase this year's deficit. economic outlook foresees a sluggish recovery with unemployment ranchlging 10.1% this year. just 2% gdp growth says the cbo in 2011, unemployment rate hovers around 9.5%. deficit could drop to $890 billion but only if most of the bush tax cuts expire. tomorrow's state of the union address and next week's budget release, president president obama will propose a three-year freeze on domestic budgets. estimated savings about $250 billion over ten years and it will barely dent the deficit. budget director or zack says that it is not the only initiative being looked at. >> this is one component of what we will be doing. full details monday for the rest of the budget. but given the opposition that's already being expressed about spendin
problems in washingto washington, hold on to your seat. those are nothing compared to his problems on the home front. that inside scoop is next. plus. >> how is this for a scandal? poll test with 3 fears ladies. poll test with 3 fears ladies. just be glad . >>reporter: senate majority leader reed is up to his ear ins problems in washington dc. things not much better at home in nevada. we are right in the think of it. griff is on the road and today's stop is nevada. you are live. griff? >> hi fret a. i'm in reno, nevada state among the 3 highest unemployment rate. they are certainly thinking about health care and worried about it. but before i tell you about reno, we went earlier today to carson city to speak with governor jim gibbons. here's some of what he had to say in terms of solutions. governor you have been part of the legislation. what do you think is the answer e.the very best way to solve the unemployed, uninsured problem in america is to put people back to work. get them a job. let their employers buy insurance for them when they have the money and resources to
. this is an upset victory of epic proportionses, the repercussions all the way to washington and possibly felt in the 2010 mid terms, but in massachusetts, it's an astounding victory. a number of reasons why. only 12 percent of voters in the state are republican. just taking that into account t. means that scott brown pulled in a tremendous amount of those independent voters that make up over half the voters in the state, and that is wh >> reporter: what the procedure will be from there, how long this will take. we may of course have to wait for some information from other lawmakers and the secretary of state, but those pieces, coming together right now, we're waiting to hear what brown has to say within the hour, jon. jon: molly line in boston, thank you molly. jane: it is a whole new ballgame on capitol hill, now that republicans have the 41 seats in the senate, as the 2010 political season gets underway, here's what senator john mccain said on the senate floor moments ago. i'm going to be paraphrasing because we're waiting for the videotape. last night was the -- last night was the shot fir
a reckless choice. nbz news, washington. stay with us, everyone. news 4 today continues now at 5:00 a.m. >>> i pretty much just started screaming and he got up and ran out the door. >> a d.c. woman talking about her terrifying account of a stranger who broke into her home and got into her bed. >>> finally, the end is in sight. apparently there is a change coming. good morning and welcome to news 4 today. i'moe krebs. >> and it's monday, january 11th, 2010. we're going to take a live look outside right now. it's another cold day, but there could be a warm-up on the way and we're looking forward to it. >> and we deserve it. and it's going to gradually warm up and we're going to see, look at how cold it is. the temperares are only near 20 in the suburbs, rural areas and in washington. many locations have windchills near 10 degrees with the wd around 5 to 15 miles an hour coming in out of the west-northwest. out of the mountains, it's below zero this morning. elkins, west virginia, 8 below zero. temperatures will be gradually climbing today, though. we should make it into the mid and uppe
inside baseball in washington, d.c. and the poor judgment senator reid exercised. but we know that he's been exercising poor judgment on policy. that's more troublesome concern to me and i think the voters in nevada recognize that senator reid is not the kind of leader for their state right now and i think he's in tough political position and i think he's going to have a hard time wing reelection. >> neil: you think the republicans pursuing this saying this is a game changer, you should step down, are wasting their time. there are pleasant of other unproper things. >> senator reid is the gift that keeps giving to the republicans. he has not proven himself to be a leader and not listening to the constituents of nevada and i don't think he's doing the right thing for the country. having said that what i said was wrong. and i'm glad he apologized for it and i am troubled that the democrats are practicing hypocrisy by not calling it what it is. i don't think it's a fireable offense. >> neil: all right. andy card, thank you very much. happy new year. >> thank you very much, kneel. >> neil.
. if you think harry reid has problems in washington. hold on to your seat, nothing compared to his problems on the home front. >> plus, how is this for a scandal? a politician with three first ladies? be glad this one is not you. b1+ . >> greta: senate majority leader harry reid up to his ears in problems right here in washington, d.c. things are not much better at home in nevada. griff jenkins in the thick of it. today's stop nevada. griff joins us live. >> reporter: hey greta, i'm in reno, nevada. a state among the top three highest unemployment rates. in have dances are certainly thinking -- nevadans are certainly thinking about health care. we went earlier to carson city to speak with governor jim gibbons here's what he had to say in terms of solutions. governor you have been a critic of this legislation. what do you think is the answer? >> very best way to solve the unemployed, uninsured, problem in america to put people back to work. get them a job, let their employers buy insurance for them when they have the money and the resources to buy it. stop letting the american peop
importantly, it was just two years ago, that bryce was a participant in inside washington 2008, the pursuit of the presidency, so he is a washington center alum, something that hall of you will be in just a matter of hours. so i'll go ahead and turn it over to bryce cullinane. >> >> how is everybody doing this morning? so we're here at the political school management at george washington university, just four blocks away from the white house, literally at the center of politics. what are we going to talk about this morning? we're going to talk about new media and politics, and it's a wide subject. so what i thought i would do is i would start out with the landscape. so today, as americans, we have access to over 1 trillion websites. on your iphone, just on your iphone alone, you have access to over 65,000 apps. every minute, according to david almacy's web site and then according to youtube, there's 20 hours of video uploaded to youtube, every minute. the average u.s. teen, i don't know if we still have teens in this audience, the average u.s. teen texts how many times per month? 2,272 time
elections. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >>> meanwhile, impeached illinois governor rod blagojevich has told "esquire" magazine, he is, quote, blacker than barack obama. telling the magazine he was a real person in a political arena dominated by phonies, the 53-year-old, who is awaiting trial on corruption charges, cited shining shoes and growing up in a five-room apartment as a few of his african-american credentials. >>> well, ju after a week after a security scare shut down an airport, new york airport was again the scene of a tense situation, this time when the landing gear failed on a united airlines passenger jet. now, officials say no one was injured in the emergency landing, which happened just before 9:30 yesterday morning. the plane was approaching new jersey from chicago when the pilot warned of a, quote, little problem. passengers braced for impact of the plane, touched down on just two wheels. amid hugs and tears, all 53 people left the ple unhurt. >>> and according to this morning's "new york times," the u.s. military is struggling to keep up with the flood of video intell
reserve had a great 2009. the washington post calculates the fed made $45 billion last year. as efforts to prop up the economy created the biggest wind fall ever for the central bank. the. >>> we told you yesterday that some chinese manufacturers have been using cadmium in place of lead and now wal-mart pulled it off the shelves because of the dangerous metal content. and they have issued stern warnings and investigations have been launched in to the use of the cadmium instead of lead. >> take one thing away and someone will find something more hazardous and cheap to put in their products. >>> we have a bridge to sell you, seriously. the route 545 bridge in childs, maryland. this goes over little elk creek in cecil county. it is falling short of federal regulations. there is a catch. if you buy it you have to move it. so a regulation build can be built in its place. >>> in four minutes, kristin fisher has the hero central report and in ten minutes, work you could turning you in to a couch potato. why being camped in front of the tv isn't the only health danger. >>> right now a focus on
for "washington examiner". well, he has gotten himself into a fix. >> he says he's not going to talk about it anymore. he said he made a final statement on this. the key moment in this reid affair happened saturday afternoon. right after the news broke. because that was when the white house sent out a statement from the president saying that senator reid made an unfortunate choice of words and he's a good man and president obama supports him and he, president obama considers this matter closed. that sent a signal to democrats everywhere, defend reid. they circled the wagon. senators defended him. and congressional black caucus surrounded him. it's clear democrat are not going to let senator reid go down. >> who should accept at polling? president obama was insulted right? the target of this express target of it. what about african americans in nevada, in the term that is used negro is like where did that come from? you have to go, nobody i've never heard -- it's bizarre. so out of the what? 50s? >> it's a very 1958-ness of it that made it weird. president obama was you can say being the ta
on the federal court in the state of nevada was a -- work i did. >> greta: byron york for the washington examiner. he certainly has gotten himself into a fix. >> he says he's not going to talk about it any more. he says he's made his final statement on this the key moment in this whole reid affair happened saturday afternoon, right after the news broke. that was when the white house sent out a statement from president obama saying that senator reid made that unfortunate choice of words but he's a good man and president obama supports him and he, president obama, considers the matter closed. that sent a signal to democrats everywhere, defend reid. they circled the wagons, the congressional black caucus mostly in the house, has defended him. it is pretty clear that democrats are not going to let senator reid go down because of this converse. >> >> greta: mo -- who was insulted? who should accept the apology president obama was the express target. what about african-americans in nevada? the term used in grow it is like, where did that come from? i mean, you have to go -- i've never -- it is like biz
in washington. 22 in annapolis, baltimore is at 19 degrees. at dulles airport, it is 0 degrees. plenty of folks in the teens. quantico, 14 degrees. winchester, 18 degrees. leonardtown is at 16 degrees at this hour. lots of sunshine this morning. clouds will build in later on today and tonight, can't rule out a snow shower or snow flurry but we're looking for highs today into the mid-30s so a little bit of improvement. we were in he upper 0s and low 30s over the course of the weekend -- we were in the upper 20s and low 30s over the course of the weekend so we should see improvement by the end of the week. >>> a pretty good start to our monday morning commute. all lanes are open between the ving field interchange and the wilson bridge -- between the springfield interchange and the wilson bridge. no incidents to report head around towards silver spring. if you are traveling in virginia, this is a live shot of 395 main lineas well as the hov at speed as you continue northbound and headed up across the inbound 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> our big story, the c
debate race. >> it's a little weird right here in the washington bureau -- >> it's uncomfortable. >> we just realized, wow, savannah came in here and was, out of here, and just took my chair. >> it's like the oakland as, remember the oakland as back in the 1970s, they might win on the field, but they would beat the hell out of each other in the locker room afterwards. let me tell you something, these people hate each other -- >> and us, apparently -- >> with a deep-seated hatred. >> having said that, you're seconds away from the daily rundown. >> and willie geist, if it's way damned too early, what time is it? >> it's "morning joe." but right now it's time for the premiere of "the daily rundown". >> a "daily rundown" live exclusive. rahm emanuel. >> and democrats circle the wagons around harry reid, but do republicans smell an opportunity? we'll talk to a senator who wants reid out. it's january 11th, 2010. i'm chuck todd. >> and i'm savannah guthrie. let's get right to the rundown. we'll start with the news from the white house. nothing to see here. senior aides say they aringn't sweat
northwest washington. >> reporter: it was a bitter cold day but some refused to stay inside. >> it's a beautiful day. sun is out. and i come from michigan so to me this isn't really that cold. >> reporter: these flag football teams were going to play no matter what. but they admit they would trade the cold and wind for sun and heat any day. >> we preper to play in the hot weather. but, you know, on a day like today you have to run the ball and tough it out. >> reporter: even tourists were stunned by the blast of frigid weather. some ventured out on segways. >> my wife made the reservation. we didn't know it would be as cold as it was, especially windy. once we got here and got to ride them it was a lot of fun. you get to see a lot of things here in washington quickly. >> reporter: whe it gets this cold it can be dangerous. the arlington street people network is staying open 24 hours a day this weekend. >> then you can offer them additional services to help them move, hopefully from living on the streets to housing which is really our intent. >> reporter: the shelter is providing ho
and break down the sound and the major issues. joining me in washington is cnn political krkter and democratic strategist donna brazile and the former deputy assistant secretary of state liz cheney. welcome. let's start with this debate, po both the policy and politics of the terror debate. the president came out this past week and he said i'm the president, the buck stops with me. he used an interesting term. your father, the former vice president, other conservatives have said this president has gone soft, doesn't view it as a war. the president did come out and said we are at war. were you satisfied with that? do you see from your perspective an improved obama response? >> no. i mean, i didn't think it was satisfactory. it requires more from your commander in chief than just saying we're at war. the president himself has to exercise daily, consistent, unwavering stewardship. if you look at the performance after the president of john brennan and homeland security secretary napolitano, you know, we had both of them say they were surprised that al qaeda in the arabian peninsula
and roll things in washington, these statements? >> it certainly got everybody talking on tweets, in their facebook pages, in the wire service, you name it, up and down the internet. it all comes from a new book due out tuesday called "game change," by "time" magazine's mark halperin and "new york" magazine's john heilman. there are some racially charged comments from the senate democratic leader harry reid in describing the prospects that barack obama, then the junior senator from illinois, would have running for president in 2008, reid thought they were good, principally because -- "he is a light-skinned," is barack obama, african-american man, harry reid is quoted in the book. he goes on to say, barack obama has no negro dialect unless he wanted to have one." this broke off the weekend as advanced copies trickled their way into reporters' hands and were found at book stores ahead of the publication date. harry reid said, "i sincerely apologize for offending any and all americans especially african-americans for my improper comments." shortly after that, barack obama of course
in the washington bureau with more. good afternoon. good does the white house stand on these transfers? >> thank you jamie. a senior administration official insists that no transfers from guantanamo to saudi arabia will happen in the near term, and what's important for context, this official is saying, this has been their position for some time and it's not related to intense pressure from capitol hill to put these controversial transfers on hold, nor does this official say it's related specifically to fight 253, and what's well documented now is that at least two leaders of al-qaeda in yemen, this is the group that claims responsibility for flight 253, came through the saudi rehab program and then returned to the battlefield, jamie. jamie: quick response from capitol hill, right? >> there was. a short time ago, we got a statement from senator jeff sessions who wrote to the obama administration monthing ago not only about the transfers but the program for the jihad is and the administration has not announced a review of the saudi rehab program or any plans to suspend transfers to the facility, this
a master's in public policy. i moved to washington and worked first for congressman durbin who is now the majority whip in the senate but at the time he had just been elected to the house in 1982. a very close election. 1982 you will hear me talk about a lot of political changes over the years and 1982 was one of those big political years, the first midterm election after president reagan was elected. the country was in huge recession in 1982. i don't remember the exact number but an incredible number of democrats defeated long-term republican incumbents in the house and they refer to it as the class of '82. congressman durbin was part of that class. .. i went from the durbin office, i actually moved out to omaha, nebraska, with you i'm from massachusetts and had always lived in the east, so definitely a big change, but it was also fascinating. it was 1988 senate race, the incumbent was an appointed senator, the long-term incumbent had passed away and the republican governor had replaced him with senator david carn and i was working for the democrat who ran against him, former governo
calls and in the "washington post" editorial. a defense of the agency after the suicide bombing attacks. it killed 7 in afghanistan. sunday morning, january c 10th. probably saw that senator reid made and the response from the white house accepting the senator's apology. was it a poor choice of words. (202) 737-0002 for democrats and (202) 737-0001 for republicans and independent, (202) 628-0205. or you can send it toe mal at journal,p span dot org. the story. front page in the "new york times". exerts from this piece. senator reid moves to respond to the incumbent in the book game change in addition to calling president barack obama on saturday mr. reid reached out to several black political leaders to curb the fall out after making comments about raise. he's in a difficult re-election raise in nevada and fight over healthcare on capitol hill had fought speculation he might step down. republicans sharply criticized him but there's no indications his democrat allies would abandon him. inside the "washington post," reid apologizes for comments made in 2008. more excerpts from the book a
. reid apologized, but gop leaders are calling for his resignation. whit johnson is in washington with details. whit, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, the comments from senator reid appear to be drawing more political lines than racial lines at the moment. some gop leaders say if the same comments were uttered by a republican, the kons quepconseq would be much more severe. >> reporter: comment harry reid made in private have republicans publicly calling for his resignation. in "game change," a book about the 2008 presidential campaign, the book describes president obama as an appealing candidate because he's, quote, light skinned and has no negro dialect. senator reid apologized for the rourke, but republicans see a double standard. >> democrats feel that they can say these things and they canal apologize when it comes from the mouths of their own, but if it comes from then else, it's racism. >> reporter: democrats rallied behind reid. >> the president has accepted the poll guy and it would seem to meet matter should be closed. railroad the revelation is bad timing f
to the 2008 election season that is generating both a lot of buzz and concern in washington tonight. a new book called "game change" about the election, written by a pair of well-known journalists, hits bookstores tomorrow, and already tonight it's prompting an apology from the senate's top democrat over a racially charged comment. but it leaves very few of the key players in the '08 election from the president to john mccain, even some of the candidates' spouses, unscathed. we're covering that and the political fallout. let's start with nbc's andrea mitchell, who joins us from washington with more. andrea, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, lester. the new book "game change" about the 2008 campaign could become a political game changer right now. as senate majority leader harry reid is discovering today. >> hello, everyone. >> reporter: in the crossfire, the senate's top democrat, critical to brokering a compromise for the president on health care and the rest of his agenda. but accding to "game change," an insider's account of the 2008 campaign by john heilemann and mark halperin,
this president speak in language that will address the people in washington, the people around the country. we will see if there will be a read prioritization on how they do business. they will not deal with the economy as the number 1 plant. we will work with you, members of congress, democrats and republicans, and all the constituents that they represent, and try to figure out they can't deal with this incrementally. we have seen massive bills go through. we saw the civil-rights legislation. then we saw the great society legislation that created social security. what congress would like to see is mr. president, are you willing to work with us in an incremental manner. this is a system, we want to see this go together. >> there is a little bit of news as we go on the air. there is some speculation as to whether charlie crist will be in attendance along with joe biden. in fact, he will be there. part of this plan is $8 billion for high-speed rail. it will connect orlando with tampa. there are seven other locations that will get some of these earmarks. is this a jobs program? >> it sure is. it
it on fox. we head to washington, america's news headquarters continues. continues. have a great day. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> shannon: president obama accepts reid's apollology and says it's a closed book but the poor choice of words may be what what the republicans are looking for to topple the democratic leader. how did a would-be terror get on a u.s.-bound jet with a bomb? we ask sue meyer whether the u.s. will be ready the next time. we all remember the miracle on the hudson. more than 150 lives were saved. did you know the emergency landing in the river also sparked a love connection? i'm bloodstream b'm shannon bre. america's news headquarters starts now. i'm sorry, that is the message from harry reid to president obama. the democrat issued the apology after racially charged comments he he made about the 2008 presidential race were revealed in a new book. major garrett joins us from washington with the details. >> reporter: hello, shannon. good afternoon. "i'm sorry" is the word from senate majority leader harry reid but also on the phone to the senate d
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, it was said on tv 1's washington watch. we're back with willy brown the former mayor of san francisco and the former speaker of the house in california. michelle, i know people have talked to you and you're concerned about it. this is in the book "game change" quote from a conversation between the president and ted kennedy, the late ted kennedy, teddy fumed that clinton, bill clinton had said, quote, a few years ago this guy would have been getting us coffee. your thoughts? >> i think it is absolutely revolting. this was not the first time that we heard this kind of statement from bill clinton and if anyone is guilty of being close to saying something racist, it's bill clinton. it's almost as if he was thinking that barack obama should be walking up to him and saying, yes, massa, can i get you some coffee? that is a horrendous statement and rather than harping on harry reid who as the president said used some very inartful language, black americans in particular need to think about what bill clinton said and remember that there is a reason that so many people say to black americans th
of washington. who was it that was behind the scenes putting all of this together for him. >> it apparently was ari fleischer. former white house press secretary who apparently had a hand in suggesting what he did. and if you look at the way mcgwire did this, he was very emotional in his interview. but knowing that he dotted all those is, he crossed the ts, it sounds like something that was very, very planned. but the big question is how much he really feels about this, because he admitted he did it because of injuries. he did not say that he wouldn't have been able to accomplish that record if he was not on steroids. >> i thought the maris phone call, the phone call to mrs. maris, that made it more genuine to me than anything else he did. >> it was a classy thing to do. >> and probably the product of the advice from ari fleischer. >> but probably the single toughest phone call he had to make. >> and there's the whole hall of fame question. he has now 24% of the vote. he will need 75% if he's going to get in. that's another question. could it be the timing. >> won't get my vote. >> lindsay
in washington tonight with more on this story, major, we hear the senator is firing back today? >> that's right. harry reid spent today, sunday, quietly at his home in search light, nevada watching all of this play out and had to be pleased with the way his democratic colleagues in the senate and other democrats came to his defense and that's no small tribute to reid's energetic efforts yesterday, on the phone first with president obama and then with senate democrats around the country and other democrats, virginia governor, former governor doug wilder among them. nailing down their support for today and reid got that. however, republican michael steele, the national committee chairman and two republicans in the senate, from arizona said that they thought reid should step down here in washington, reid's energetic staff led by jim manly, a long time loyal aide put out the statement, unlike others advocating moving our nation backwards and viewing this moment for political gain, he, meaning reid is working tomorrow and the next day to move our country forward. mr. steele and senator cornen want r
washington with the latest. kimberly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. news 4 was first to tell you about this. lasted friday night, subpoenas were delivered to two local stylists, celebrity stylists, who serviced the salahis the night of the state dinner. we're here in front of the federal courthouse. those two stylists due in mine here. we're expecting them to show up around 11:15 a.m. this morning in their limousine. take a look at erwin gomez. he likes to called a celebrity makeup artist. and also, peggy iocom, she's referred to as a hair artist. they're both called to testify before a federal grand jury that's convened to investigate how michaele and tareq salahi got into the white house and whether or not they lied to government officials. the salahis, we understand, spent six hours in the irwin/gomez salahi and paid almost $250, not with a credit card, but numbers written down on a piece of paper. but they did pay, received hair, makeup, a lot of that time was taken up by the bravo film crews that accompanied them. you can imagine how much discussed about the upcoming st
for members of the washington wizards. today, two more players missed practice to talk wit investigators about the gilbert arenas gun investigation. today, mcgee and miller talked with officers about what they saw in the locker room. seven players have now been questioned along with the head coach. the wizards play at home tonight against the pistons. another game without arenas who was suspended indefinitely by the nba. >>> the miami police officer who killed a tourist from northern virginia has resigned. apparently after failing a drug test. officer adam tabest was involved in the shooting death outside a south beach nightclub last june. he was looking to pick a fight and appeared to have weapons under his shirt. no guns were found at the scene. the officer was also involved in another deadly shooting a few days later but he was cleared of any wrong-doing. >>> montgomery county police are following strong leads in the murder of an 18-year-old overnight. police got a call from the passer-by who discovered the man this morning near brookville road in brookville. investigators say the body had
name in news says good night from "on the record" in washington, d.c.. 2010. i bond ferraro sarah palin is going to be on o'reilly don't. what do you think? captioned by >> bill: "michael waltrip >> big controversy over senator harry reid commenting on "negro dialect and president obama's skin col. >>> i'm michelle obama and i am so excited to talk with you today. >> bill: bet go aheadry for first lady michelle obama to re-enter the political world. thoughts on that. >> what does nbc stand for? >> what is that? >> never believe your contract. >> bill: and is nbc blowing up. the huge corporate embarrassment involving jay leno and conan o'brien. caution you where to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching u tonight. sarah palin signs on with fox news. that is the subject of this evening's talking points. governor palin agreed to do commentary right here on fnc and will begin tomorrow night on "the factor." good news for us as the governor is the more car charismatic political figure in the country right now with the except
could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >> now washington will only keep track of the number of people working on stimulus projects even if they were never in danger of losing their jobs. that's about as credible as save the created, more hannity, ♪ ( kids giggling ) ♪ you ve multiple cars... and multiple toys... with multiple places to go. so be smart. simplify. combine and save. get all your insurance from one allstate agent, anyou can get multiple discounts... on yourultiple policies. simpler is smarter. at's allstate's stand. are you in good hands? >> sean: democrat super majority in serious jeopardy thanks to scott brown's senate campaign in massachusetts. brown continues to be neck-and-neck with coakley in the polls. a short time ago rasmussen showed coakley's lead has slipped to just two points and brown has surged six points in one week. after raising 1.3 million dollars, that's million, in a 24 hour span yesterday, scott brown gave a stellar performance in last night's debate. look at this exchange he had with moderator david gergen. >> you said you are for healt
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forgiven harry reid for his jif hand remark and some say that is blatant hypocrisy. brit hume in washington. is blatant hypochris is? >> some of that in the sense that the republicans find the political atmosphere far less forgiving if they make a political comment on race than if democrats and liberals do this. they consider themselves to be friends of african americans and supporters of their aspirations and they think republicans are not. >> bill: i remember the senator lott think well because he was at a party and celebrating strom thurman's birthday and caught up in the moment and try to be complimentary, not thinking that thurman in the good 'ole days was one of the most virulent antiblack people in the senate. but i don't believe in his heart trent lott meant anything derogatory to blacks yet he was slaughtered by the press and the democratic party. i don't believe harry reid meant anything insulting to black americans either. i think he made a comment based on his opinion of how barack obama was presenting himself. what do you say? >> i agree with you about that, bill. and i think i
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